The “Xin Ding Ban” Festival of Taichung 2019

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Brief Introduction

* Organizer: Dongshi Township Office, Taichung City
* Activity Schedule: Feb. 19, 20, 2019
* Location: Dongshi Hakka Culture Park
* Activity Background: Taiwan in the early days was a labor-intensive agricultural society, and therefore people all hoped to give birth to as many children as possible. It was believed that the more children a family had, the more blessed it was. People would dedicate Hakka rice cakes called “ding ban” to gods in exchange for more offspring, and vow to send bigger rice cakes once their wish came true. The “thank you” rice cakes were called “xin ding ban.”

Before a believer sent the xin ding ban rice cakes to the gods, the size of the cakes must be kept as a secret, just to make sure that no others’ cakes would outsize his or hers. Gradually this practice grew into full-scale “xin ding ban competitions” and such a tradition is still practiced today. 
* Our goals: This is to encourage young families to give birth to more children and to advocate gender equality.
* Transportation: Taichung System Interchange, National Highway 1 - Take National Highway 4 and make an exit at Fongyuan - Turn left for Provincial Highway 3 to downtown Dongshi - Dongshi Bridge - Fongshi Road - Zhongshan Road - Drive on to arrive at the Dongshi Hakka Culture Park. 
* Nearby Scenic Spots: *(Please click it. Let’s find something fun and try some delicious food in this area!)


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