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Brief Introduction

* Organizer: Department of Hakka Affairs, Taoyuan
* Activity Schedule: Yi-Wei Hakka War Cultural Festival: June 7-9, 2019
Pingzhen Battle: June 29, 2019
* Location: Sec. 2, Nanping Road and Zhengyong Road intersection, Pingzhen District; Zhengxing Neighborhood, Pingzhen District; Longtan Pond
* Activity Background: The Japanese Invasion of Taiwan took place in 1895. After Taiwan was ceded to Japan by the Qing Dynasty through the Treaty of Shimonoseki, people throughout Taiwan held protests against the Japanese Rule. In the history of Taiwan, the war was the largest of all. It covered the vastest areas, lasted the longest time, and was participated by the most number of people. And the Hakka guerrillas were the fiercest. These brave warriors devoted themselves to protecting hometowns. Till the late Qing Dynasty, they were still important defense force organized by the common people. To acknowledge their bravery and determination, Zhongyi Temple was built in Longtan, Taoyuan.
* Our goals: You are invited to learn about the Hakka warriors' military journeys and Hakka village culture. We hope related activities will help to boost the town’s tourism economy.
* Nearby Scenic Spots: *(Please click it. Let’s find something fun and try some delicious food in this area!)