【Original essence, spirit of Yimin】Hsinchu Hakka Yimin Festival

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Brief Introduction

* Organizer: Bureau of Cultural Affairs, Hsinchu County Government
* Activity Schedule: July 21 ~ Aug. 22, 2019
* Location: Yimin Temple of Fangliao, Xinpu; Xianshan Ceremony Area of Qionglin; and Hsinchu County Government History Museum
* Activity Background: More than 200 years ago, during the years of Qianlong of the Qing Dynasty, the Lin Shuangwen Rebellion Incident took place in Taiwan. It refers to Lin Shangwen’s fighting against the Qing-appointed governor of Taiwan for suppressing the anti-Qing Tiandihui (Heaven and Earth Society). Other protests, big and small, quickly followed suit. During this time, Hakka people formed the Yimin Army with their Minnan and indigenous Pingpu neighbors and worked with the Qing government to keep rebels away from their towns. As a result, more than 200 Hakka fighters were injured or killed. Then, during the Dai Chunchao Incident of the years of Tongzhi, 100 more Hakka fighters were killed. Together the 300 fighters rest in peace at the Yimin Temple today. “Yiminye” has since then become a unique folk belief in Hakka culture.

On a closer look, you shall find that the temple’s tablet reads, “Worshiping the loyal fighters of all family names.” A monumental tomb is situated right behind the temple for people to commemorate the fighters’ brave deeds.

The temple’s “Bao Zhong” inscription was personally written by Emperor Qianlong. The temple is therefore also known as the Baozhong Pavilion. The inscription board has a dark color due to long-time incense smoke. In fact, black is common in Yimin beliefs. The Yimin flags Hakka people worship are black, because the flags derive from the black cloth strips the fighters tied to their arms for identity distinction. These days, every year, the believers bring their “Baozhong Yimin Incense Flags” (also known as the black flags of celestial orders) back to the temple and invoke blessings through an incense jar ceremony. Then, they take the flags back home to worship them again. It is quite a special worship rite.
* Our goals: In conjunction with Xinpu's  "water pear festival", we aim to boost Hsinchu County's traditional cultures and arts, as well as related industries. We want to advertise the county's tourism as a sustainable one. Furthermore, we hope to gain presence for Hakka culture. 
* Transportation: Public transport:
From Hsinchu Train Station, take Hsinchu Bus to Xinpu. Get off at Yimin Temple Station and the Yimin Temple of Fangliao is within a short walking distance.
* Nearby Scenic Spots: *(Please click it. Let’s find something fun and try some delicious food in this area!)

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