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Brief Introduction

* Organizer: Hakka Affairs Council  / Pingtung County Government
* Activity Schedule: March 16, 17, 2019
* Location: Pingtung County Neipu Junior High School, Neipu Farmers’ Association Plaza, the 12 townships and districts of Liudui
* Activity Background: Liudui Sports Game is nicknamed as the “little Olympics by Dawu Mountain.” Deriving from early martial arts events held by Liudiu immigrants, it is southern Taiwan’s most unique traditional Hakka contest. Held for the 53rd time this year, Liudui Sports Game not just commemorates the brave early immigrants, passes down Hakka traditions, but also promotes sports for all, as sports is good for mental and physical health, and helps to gather people together. This is why Liudiu Sports Game is held.
* Our goals: In response to the central government’s “encouraging all to do sports” policy, in memory of Liudiu’s brave early immigrants, and to pass down Hakka traditions, local residents, especially youngsters, are cordially invited to take part in Liudui Sports Game. It is hoped that the sports game can help to revitalize the Hakka village of Liudui, and to make Hakka culture in Liudiu long-lasting.
* Nearby Scenic Spots: *(Please click it. Let’s find something fun and try some delicious food in this area!)