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Brief Introduction

* Organizer: Guoxing Township Office, Nantou County
* Activity Schedule: September 20~22, 2019
* Location: Chenggong Square
* Activity Background: Our township suffered immensely from the Jiji Earthquake that took place in 1999, because the epicenter was located in Jiufener Mountain. After that, for more than a decade, governmental agencies and private groups devoted much effort to reconstruction work. Today, people have gradually recovered and the township has been rebuilt out of ruins. With the government’s support, the private groups have even contributed to the reviving of local industries. Chenggong Festival is one such example. With governmental support and private groups’ effort, the festival rose from the after-quake shadows, manifesting Hakka people's perseverance. The vivacious festival has inspired many locals to take part, making it a grand annual event.
* Our goals: We hope to introduce Guoxing to more visitors because it is so charming yet unsophisticated. Visitors are encouraged to learn about Guoxing’s culture and folk beliefs. In this way, we hope to pass down and spread Hakka culture. We will hold activities for people to explore Hakka people’s hard-working spirit and to appreciate Guoxing’s unique dialects. Visitors are also cordially invited to visit the century-old sticky-rice bridge by Beigang River, while sipping locally produced coffee. Remember to go to Jiufen Ershan Earthquake Memorial Park to appreciate the barrier lake shaped by Jiji Earthquake. Also, visit Nangang Village which is home to Formosan Sambar Deer and order a health meal featuring velvet antlers. Lastly, bring back some beautiful and impressive memory along a safe homecoming journey.
* Transportation: Public transport:
From Taichung, take Nantou Bus, Taichung Bus, or Quanhang Bus bound for Puli at get off Ganzilin. From there, take Nantou bus and get off at Guoxing Market. 
* Nearby Scenic Spots: *(Please click it. Let’s find something fun and try some delicious food in this area!)

Number of Visitors:01882119


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