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Brief Introduction

* Organizer: Yunlin County Government
* Activity Schedule: Sept. . 2019  (Adjustment may be made by the organizer)
* Activity Background: Taiwan's Hakka people speak 5 different tones, Si, Hai, Da, Ping and An, in the island's coastal and inland regions.  "An" refers to Zhaoan which is not that widely known to the public - most of the Zhaoan Hakkas live in Yunlin. However, Zhaoan's Hakka culture is the most unique in the world. In Zhaoan villages today, most people speak Hakka, and many folk customs are still alive. Traditions are well reserved because the villages are close to one another. Through the holding of the 12 Hakka festivals, the Hakka Affairs Council hopes to introduce Yunlin's Hakka culture and folk art to more visitors.

The Zhaoan people mainly live in the county's Lunbei, Erlun and Xiluo townships. Lunbei's Zhaoan villages are: Shuibiantou, Gangwei, Laotsuozhuang (Luotsu), Xinqiliao, Xintsuozi, Lunbeilunxia (Lunqian), Xidi, Yanyuan, Benggouliao (Fangnan), Shangjie, Xiajie and Xinzhuang. Erlun’s villages are: Nandiliao, Bajiaoting, Houbiliao (Tianliao), Xindian, Huitoutsuo (Laihui), Erlunzi, Daerlun, Youche, Gouzibei, Hebaoyu, Tianwei, Shenkeng, Sanzuotsuo (Sankuaitsuo), Shibazhangli, Nanzi, Yongdingtsuo and Yangxianzhuang. In Xiluo are: Wutsuo, Jiulong (Jiukuaitsuo), Guangxing, Xinshe, Xiluo and Puxin.

The early Zhaoan people were from the barren counties of Zhaoan, Guanpi, Xiuzhuan and Xiage, in Zhangzhou, Fujian Province, China. They came to Taiwan rather early; at about the mid-reign of Emperor Kangxi, they already settled down in Yunlin, which is at least more than 300 years ago. Because they lived close to Minnan immigrants, with time, their language, customs and culture became influenced by the Minnan. Today, not as many Zhaoan Hakkas speak their mother tongue anymore - there is a chance that the Zhaoan Hakka language might perish.

Aware of this crisis, Zhaoan’s Hakkas initiated this activity, which is being promoted as Yunlin’s main cultural event. The organizer aims to revive the old culture and pass down the everyday customs, while finding cultural values and meanings through this event. It also hopes to rebuild people’s ethnic identity and boost local businesses. All of country’s people are cordially invited to learn about the old Zhaoan Hakka culture. Finally, the Hakka Affairs Council hopes to keep holding Hakka festivals in the coming years and bring prosperity to Hakka townships.
* Our goals: On a cool autumn day, why not take an insightful tour to Zhao'an, and join the fire-torch ceremony in Shubiantou of Lunbei to learn about how early residents fought for their towns. Visit Erlun's old houses, explore Nanzi and Qingsanhe, learn martial arts in Qikan, and savor the soy sauce of Xiluo. If you are interested in Hakka culture, be sure to explore Yunlin's Hakka villages with us. We have prepared wonderful arts and cultural performances for you to feel the charm of Zhao'an.
* Nearby Scenic Spots: *(Please click it. Let’s find something fun and try some delicious food in this area!)