Zhudong Tian-Chuan Day Taiwan Hakka Folk Songs Singing Contest 108

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Brief Introduction

* Organizer: Zhudong Township Office, Hsinchu County
* Activity Schedule: Feb. 24~27, 2019
* Location: Hakka Theater Park
* Activity Background: Hakka people deeply respect the sky, the Earth and water. As a legend goes, while Fire God Zhurong and Water God Gonggong completed for the celestial leader’s status, they made a big hole in the sky. As a result, mankind suffered. Compassionate Queen Nuwa quickly mended the sky with colorful fired stones and brought order and stability back to the world. People were able to live a good life again. In Hakka culture, the Sky Mending Day was set to thank Nuwa for reviving the globe with her good deed. On the 20th day of the first month of the lunar calendar, Hakka people like to worship and “mend” the sky.

Folk singing contests are held in quite a few Hakka regions on the annual Sky Mending Day. Zhudong Township’s is the oldest and largest of all such contests of Taiwan. 
* Transportation: By car:
Qionglin Interchange, National Highway 3 à Get off at Zhudong à County Road 120 à Zhulin Bridge à Beixing Road à Donglin Road à Go straight ahead for the Zhudong Township Office Circus à The Hakka Theater Park is at the intersection of Xinyi and Donglin Roads
Public transport:
Take Taiwan Railway and get off at Zhudong. Take Donglin Road. Keep walking for 10 minutes and you shall see the park at the intersection of Xinyi and Renai Roads.
* Nearby Scenic Spots: *(Please click it. Let’s find something fun and try some delicious food in this area!)

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