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Brief Introduction

* Organizer: Department of Hakka Affairs, Pingtung County Government
* Activity Schedule: Feb. 19, 24, 2019

* Location: Pingtung County Sports Park, Wugou Elementary School (Wugou Community Park, Wanluan Township), Dongshi Elementary School (Fuquan Hall, Dongshi Village, Neipu Township), Gaoshu Elementary School (Gaoshu Elementary School, Gaoshu Township), Changxing Elementary School (Emperor Xuantian Temple, Xintantou, Changzhi Township)
* Activity Background: Liudui suffered from constant invasions in the early days. Therefore, to defend their homes, the Hakka settlers established one observatory that’s similar to a beacon tower in each "dui," meaning "settlement area." When one "dui" was attacked, fire and smoke was set off from the observatory so that the residents of the other "duis" knew they should be high on alert.
The 2017 Jian Pao Cheng (Cannon Attacks) Event is not just going to be held in its place of origin, Wugou of Wanluan Township. Three more towns are selected from the eight Hakka townships of Taiwan. On the Lantern Day, the event will kick off in these places all at once.
A traditional cannon attack uses single poles and cannon baskets. The poles are made with green bamboos picked on the early morning of the day of event. The cannon baskets are made with modern fruit baskets and are fixed to the upper parts of the poles. All traditions will be faithfully followed to re-present this century-old Hakka event.
Large-scale competitions are held alongside the cannon attacks. Visitors are free to try the cannons out through an experiential activity, too. 
* Transportation: By car:
Provincial Highway 1: Drive through Gaoping Bridge and head for Pingtung - Pass Linluo - Pingtung County Sports Park

National Highway 3: From Linluo Interchange, take the road underneath the highway to change to Provincial Highway 1; drive onwards to find an intersection equipped with a traffic light. On the left side ahead you shall see the Pingtung County Sports Park.
Public transport:
Take a train to Pingtung and get off at the Pingtung Train Station. From there:

Take “Kuo Kuang Bus” (to Hengchun or Fangliao) ahead of the station and get off at Linluo High School.
Take “Kuo Kuang Bus” (to Sandimen and Chaochou) on the left front of the station and get off at Linluo High School. 
* Nearby Scenic Spots: *(Please click it. Let’s find something fun and try some delicious food in this area!)

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