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Celebrating its 55th anniversary, Hakka Folk Song Festival plays resounding music

The four-day Hakka Folk Song Festival will start today (24th) in Zhudong, Hsinchu. Township magistrate Luo Chi-hsiang cordially invites fans of Hakka singing to visit Zhudong and listen to resounding Hakka songs.
First held by former magistrate Ku Sui-chang in 1965, the festival is in its 55th year now. In fact, this annual event has been held non-stop like a relay race. The festival will start with a street parade joined by 18 teams consisting of neighborhood and community members. From Zhudong Train Station to Hakka Opera Park, the parading teams will manifest the hospitality of Hakka people. Following suit, “National treasure” Hsu Hsueh-chuan, a master artist of folk singing, will sing the festival’s theme song. Winner of the Best Hakka Album of the Golden Melody Awards Wang Feng-chu will also to her hometown to sing with her twin grandchildren for the public.

Township magistrate Luo Chi-hsiang noted at a press conference that the Hakka Folk Song Festival features a four-day traditional folk singing competition, in addition to folk singing cultural display, a 55th anniversary exhibition, two Hakka opera shows by Songxing Hakka Troupe, and a joyous open market. At the DIY classes, visitors can make limited-edition Hakka lion packing tapes, bamboo cicada toys, Hakka silk prints, and Zhudong-edition leather reels. Visitors may also want to join Hakka dialect adventure games and children’s drawing contests. What’s more, students of Dongtai Senior High School will present sweet Hakka rice cakes and fruit sculptures. At the closing and award ceremony held on February 27, JF Taiko Drumming Group, Golden Melody Awards winner Urban Cat, and young Hakka singer Huang Wei Jie will all dedicate a few performances. A prize draw will be held to distribute gifts.
Publish Date:2019-02-25

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