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Vice president and HAC minister attend opening ceremony of Liudui Sports Game

Sports players of the 12 townships and districts of Liudui across Kaohsiung and Pingtung gathered up at Pingtung County Neipu Junior High School in the morning today (16th). Having been trained for a long while, the players are to compete against one another at the two-day 2019 54th Liudui Sports Game. Hakka Affairs Council Minister Lee Yung-de, who is from Liudui, expressed his sincerest wishes for the event, hoping to see that it becomes better and better each year and held continuously throughout generations, as this will help to pass down Hakka culture. Vice president Chen Chien-jen also attended the occasion on behalf of president Tsai Ying-wen. Serving a ball together, He and Lee announced the start of the game.

At the opening ceremony held in Neipu Junior High School, high-ranking HAC officials and staffers first entered the site. They were followed by sports players who showed off the farm produce and specialties of their towns in parade teams. This year’s organizer, Neipu Township Office, has especially arranged a 23-member Harley-Davidson motorcycle team led by magistrate Chung Ching-chen. As a relay torch was lit and a Liudui flag was set, the attendants were all thrilled.
Other than the sports game and a farmers’ market, “Night of Liudui Hakka Music” will be held. Famous local Hakka bands, such as San Geou Tai Youngsters’ Band and Sheng-Xiang & Band, will dedicate a few songs. In this warm season when flowers bloom, the organizer cordially invites all to join Liudui Sports Game. Other than all kinds of exciting games, visitors are free to try Liudui food and appreciate Hakka countryside. Liudui Sports Game is definitely worth a visit.

Publish Date:2019-03-18

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