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With winter opera shows, Hakka temple culture revives throughout Taiwan

The 2018 Hakka Winter Theatre – Let’s Watch Shows in Hakka Villages held by the Hakka Affairs Council will kick off on October 16 at Chaoyun Temple, Yuemei, Shanlin District, Kaohsiung County. This year, eight opera troupes, Wenhe Lengendary Opera, Jinmanyuan Opera, Jingsheng Opera, Songxing Opera, Detai Opera, Xinleyuan Opera, Rongying Hakka Opera, and Guifong Opera, as well as young students in the Department of Hakka Opera, National Taiwan College of Performing Arts, will all take part. All members of the public are cordially invited to watch the 14 opera shows held in nine counties and cities throughout Taiwan.

Other than staging fantastic winter opera shows, the HAC has especially worked with local temples to bring temple festivals back. While traditionally only temple goers take part in the fests, the HAC invites students and teachers, community group members, and representatives of the public sector to join this occasion to interact with one another. The HAC also hopes to pass down the Hakka traditions of repaying gods, invoking blessings, and thanking Mother Earth at year end. In fact, in the early days, it was common for children to watch open-air opera shows at temple squares on and on. The HAC encourages all to watch winter opera shows with friends and family and explore Hakka culture. Let’s all immerse in these flamboyant temple activities!

Publish Date:2018-10-16