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Chenggong Festival to take place in Nantou, a Hakka cultural hub

The Chenggong Festival will be unveiled on the 8th in Guoxing Township, Nantou County. This year, locals may also join the much anticipated “boat-pushing” contest. As many as 32 teams with members from all parts of the country have registered for the event. Lantern sedans, blessing parades, Hakka evening parties, and mascot-painting activities will also be held.
Taking the theme of “perseverant Guoxing, uprising Chenggong,” this year’s Chenggong Festival shows how persistent Hakka people are. Guoxing Township Magistrate Chiu Pu-sheng noted that Guoxing is a key area of Hakka culture development in Nantou County. The 2018 Chenggong Festival manifests the hardworking spirit of early Hakka settlers, while gathering modern residents up. The event aims to encourage people to achieve goals together.
A Hakka evening party will be held on the 10th. At the party, people who have outstanding Hakka-related achievements or who contribute to promoting the Hakka language will be awarded. On the morning of the 11th, preliminary, secondary and semi-final “boat-pushing” contests for township teams and men’s teams will take place at once. Meanwhile, throughout the day, a Hakka pop singing contest and a parent-child mascot-painting activity will be held. On the afternoon of the 11th, the “boat-pushing” final contest will be held. The champion team will be given an NT$50,000 cash prize.
Publish Date:2018-11-09