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You are cordially invited to watch end-of-winter Hakka opera shows!

Autumn is the season for harvesting and winter is the season for storing harvests. In the Hakka villages in Taiwan, “end-of-winter opera” is a big event. It is held after harvesting time in lunar October, as a way to express gratitude to deities for a year of good harvests.

Traditionally, farmers would invoke blessings from the Earth and the Sky for much rainfall and good harvests in the spring. By the autumn, to thank gods for fulfilling farmers’ wishes, a wide range of sacrifices are dedicated, along with open-air folk opera shows held with solemnity. End-of-winter opera is therefore a type of performing art which not only reflects Hakka folk beliefs but also serves as an important entertaining, socializing and cultural occasion.

From October 6 to December 22, 2019, the Hakka Affairs Council will hold Hakka opera shows by nine selected troupes and the National Taiwan College of Performing Arts in nine counties and cities in Taiwan. All are cordially invited to watch the shows!
Publish Date:2019-10-25

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