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2019 Taitung Hakka Festival – 2nd Big Rice Eater Competition

Location & Time Preliminary contest: 10:00-12:00, Nov. 9, 2019 (Sat.) Location: Taitung Hakka School (No. 23, Lane 404, Baosang Road, Taitung City) 10:00-12:00, Nov. 17, 2019 (Sun.) Location: Taitung Hakka Cultural Park (No. 1, Xinguang Road, Chishang Township, Taitung County) Final contest: 16:00-17:00, Nov. 23, 2019 (Sat.) Location: Tiehyua Music Village Eligibility: All members of the public who are 20 years of age or older and without medical conditions such as heart diseases, diabetes, high blood pressure, and so on Registration period: From now until Nov. 7, until all seats are filled How to register: Go to BeClass to fill in the registration form Fax the form to 089-226320 or email it to green237130@gmail.com. Title: 2019 Taitung Hakka Festival – Big Rice Eater Competition. We will contact you within three days upon receipt of your registration form. If you have any questions relating to registration, please call the service hotline at 089-237130 (Mr. Lu) Competition content: 1. Two preliminary contests will be held, each including 30 participants. Advance registration is required. 2. The top 10 players will be acceded to the final contest. 3. The contest is based on “the fastest wins” standard. Each contestant will be given a big bucket of sushi (rice + swordfish floss). In 10 minutes’ time, the contestant who consumes the most sushi wins. The remaining sushi in each bucket will be weighed if no one finishes a whole bucket of sushi at all. 4. To protect our environs, no bottled water will be provided on site. The contestants should bring own water if they would like to drink some in order to speed up a little. 5. The contestants are free to bring back the remaining sushi afterwards, so as not to waste food. 6. Details of the final contest will be announced at another time after the preliminary contest is held. Prizes: 1. The champion of the preliminary contest will receive an NT$2,000 cash prize. Each contestant selected for the final contest will be given an NT$300 coupon and a festival souvenir. 2. The champion of the final contest will receive a “Taitung rice pass” for a whole year (12 months, 5kg of rice each month). Notes: ◎People with stomach and/or heart diseases should not register for the competition at all. ◎The participant should stop right away if he or she feels unwell, and inform the on-site staff of the situation. ◎ The participant should stop immediately when the “end-of-contest” bell rings, and keep mouth clear of food. ◎If the participant vomits, turns pale, or develops any unusual symptoms in the middle of the competition, the participant must stop eating right away, and let medical professionals determine if he or she is still fit for completing the competition. ◎The organizer retains the right to adjusting the activity content in case of unaccomplished matters. ◎ Registering for the event means the participant allows the 2019 Taitung Hakka Festival to use photos, videos and/or sounds involving the participant made on site, in any form for public broadcasts or screenings for promotional purposes (such as FB page, blog, etc.). ◎To foster international exchange and to make the competition more colorful, 10 additional youngsters from around the globe will be invited to join force.

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Flamboyant 2019 Hsinchu Hakka Yimin Festival to kick off in Hsinchu County soon

The annual Hsinchu Hakka Yimin Festival will take place again soon, and its rites and rituals will be held across Hsinchu County, Hsinchu City, and Taoyuan City. On July 21, following "reception of Yimin," a month-long rice dedication ceremony will take place. The other traditional events will be held from August 18 to 20 (that is, July 18 to 20 in the lunar calendar). Lamp poles will be set on the 18, lanterns will be distributed on water on the 19th, and a major blessing ceremony will be held on the 20th. This is the 231st year the festival is being held. To spread Yimin culture, all of the side events will aim to bring out the solemnity of folk rituals. Other than passing down ceremonial traditions, the organizer will promote relevant education programs and Hakka culture. Story-telling campus tours, lectures on Yimin culture, and "Night of Yimin – A Famous Hakka Story" will all be held to spread the spirit of Yimin and Hakka traditions. 〔Yimin Tours〕 Visitors young and old are cordially invited to explore Hsinchu through the one-day "Yimin Tours." The participants can expect to learn much more about the Yimin fest, visit Hsinpu as a Hakka town developed in the 18th Century, and appreciate Japanese colonial architecture on century-old streets and lanes. Hsinpu is mainly dwelled by Hakka people, and today it still has many fine Hakka houses. As a local saying goes, "in three streets, six lanes, one can find 9 family residences." The participants will depart from Taipei Main Station and visit The Liu's Residence, a county government-classified historic site in Hsinpu, and the town's visitor center. They are encouraged to explore the town's history and culture in the morning. At noon, a small tour of Hsinpu Old Street will be held. There, the participants can try some authentic Hakka food. In the afternoon, a unique persimmon-dye DIY class will be offered, followed by distribution of water lanterns – a highlight of the festival. The tours will be held on August 19 and registration is available from now at the following page: https://www.hchcc.gov.tw/ch/01news/new_02_main.asp?bull_id=22302 80 participants are in total are accepted for two tours only. The seats are limited so register soon! The Yimin Festival Tour hotline is: 02-87939611. 〔Night of Yimin: A Famous Hakka Story〕 The Priest Who Catches a Demon Performers: Rom Shing Hakka Opera Troupe Time: 19:00-21:30, Tuesday, August 20 Location: Renai Parking Lot by Zhongxing Riverbank, Zhudong

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Kaohsiung Hakka Wedding invites couples to walk a red carpet in blue Hakka gowns

Registration for Kaohsiung Hakka Wedding, listed as one of the 12 most important Hakka festivals for year 2019 in Taiwan, starts now. In conjunction with the city government's "romance industry chain" policy, the Council for Hakka Affairs will invite 50 couples to take a "train for happiness and love" towards a beautiful life. Kaohsiung Hakka Wedding will be held on November 2, 2019 at New Hakka Culture Park. Dressed in blue Hakka garments by local designer, the brides and grooms will perform traditional rites such as hanging up lanterns, drinking bridal tea, and putting on head ornaments. This is going to be a unique wedding combining old Hakka rites and modern aesthetics, and the brides and grooms are surely going to bring home indelible, sweet memory. Each couple will receive coupons worth NT$10,000, a beautiful marriage certificate, a disk containing wedding videos, and a special price for Hakka wedding banquets. In its 7th year, Kaohsiung Hakka Wedding is listed as one of the 12 most important Hakka festivals. A total of 180 couples have tied their knots through the event. From now until July 15, registration is open. Regardless of region, ethnicity, and gender, would-be brides and grooms interested in Hakka culture are encouraged to take part. Please make sure to register soon, because the wedding is getting more popular by the year. For more information, please visit Kaohsiung City Government's Council for Hakka Affairs at: https://reurl.cc/87K54.

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2019 Ciao Sheng Sian Shih Culture Festival

The Ciao Sheng Sian Shih Culture Festival has been listed as one of the 12 Hakka festivals by the Hakka Affairs Council for three consecutive years. This year, the festival will be held by seven government agencies under Taichung City Government. A variety of events will be held to promote Lord Luban’s spirit, improve vocational education, boost local economy, and reserve traditional culture. The city government aims to make the festival a national-level event, while turning Taichung into a city of artisans and fine crafts. The Ciao Sheng Sian Shih Culture Festival events are as follows: May 11-26: Dongshi Hakka Cultural Park – traditional handicrafts-making show May 18 & 19: Taichung City Government Building Square on Taiwan Avenue – 2019 Ciao Sheng Sian Shih / Lord Luban Awards Selection & Award Ceremony for Facilitating Employment May 24: Ciao Sheng Sian Shih Temple in Dongshi – Lord Luban birthday celebrations May 25: Wenchang Temple & Ciao Sheng Sian Shih Temple in Dongshi - Ciao Sheng Sian Shih round-the-town blessing parade May 25 & 26: Dongshi Hakka Cultural Park – Hakka arts and cultural shows May 26: Ciao Sheng Sian Shih Temple – Lord Luban's 2,526th birthday ceremony May 30: Taichung Municipal Dongshih Industrial High School – When Luban Meets STEAM: Let's Make Things Together! Student Competition June 15 & 16: Dongshi Hakka Cultural Park – 2019 Luban Creative Design Festival & wood-industry promotional events

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