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09 28

2018 Taitung Hakka Festival - calling for dance troupes to join a competition

In chic clothing, we express creativity Through fabulous dance, we show passion Make your dreams come true on this stage And create the most beautiful memory with us Download the registration form at 👉https://reurl.cc/avrGQ Cash awards Champion: NT$10,000 (1) Second place: NT$6,000 (1) Third place: NT$4,000 (1) Best look: NT$3,000 (2) Best spirit: NT$3,000 (3) Popular star: NT$3,000 (2) Each team is limited to winning one prize. The team will be given the most favorable prize if it wins many. Hoever, no multiple prizes may be given to a single team. Encouragements To encourage people to join the dance competition, each selected team will be given cash encouragements for buying stage clothes and other materials, at NT$200 per dancer, other than free shuttle services (we will select teams from remote towns or teams of elderly dancers first). The organizer will also provide one picnic coupon to each dancer. The dancers are invited to join related activities at the competition site, too. Location & Time Time: Saturday Nov. 10, 2018 10:00-12:00 rehearsal 15:00-16:30 competition Location: Tiehua Music Village Registrants 15-40 dancers per group. The general public, students and teachers, arts groups, and community groups are all welcome. Registration Registration starts from now until October 15. After filling the registration form, please email it to green237130@gmail.com or fax it to 089-226320. After an initial review, we will inform the 10 selected teams to take part. For details of this competition, please contact our activity team during office hours (08:30-12:00; 13:30-18:00) at 089-237130 or 089-237128 (for Mr. Lu).

08 28

National Hakka Yimin Festival to take place in Hsinchu; premier dedicates incense to pray for a good year in Taiwan

Hsinchu Hakka Yimin Festival, a major local event held once a year, kicked off amid much solemnity at the Baozhong Yimin Temple of Xinpu today (26th). In conjunction with the temple’s 230th birthday and to spread Lord Yimin’s guardianship, premier Lai Ching-te attended the opening ceremony of the “2018 12 Hakka festivals - Yi Po Chian Chiu - Hsinchu Hakka Yimin Festival” in the morning, as accompanied by Hakka Affairs Council Minister Li Yung-te. Together the attendants showed their highest respect to Lord Yimin and prayed for a peaceful year in Taiwan. At the “shrine-passing” rite which is held to receive Lord Yimin, minister Li and premier Lai held up Lord Yimin’s sedan chair and the Yimin flag out of the temple carefully. This marked the start of the year’s round-the-town blessing ceremony of Lord Yimin. While giving his speech, the premier noted that Lord Yimin is the most important Hakka folk belief. During the Japanese Invasion of Taiwan which took place a century ago, many Hakka, Minnan and indigenous residents sacrificed their lives in protection of their homes, making it possible for their offspring to live and prosper. Such a loyal spirit played a crucial role in the cultural developments of ethnically-diverse Taiwan. The 2018 Hsinchu Hakka Yimin Festival is hosted by the county’s Xiashan villages. The festival is hosted by 15 village areas by turn, including Liujia, Xiashan, Jiuqionglin, Dayi, Fangliao, Xinpu, Wufenpu, Shiguang, Guanxi, Damaopu, Hukou, Yangmei, Xinwu, Guanyin, annd Xinan. These areas are located across 20 townships in Hsinchu and Taoyuan. Thus, the festival is regarded as the brightest religious-cultural event locally. Today (26th), for the 2018 Hsinchu Hakka Yimin Festival, a “sedan-settling ceremony” will be held in Xiashan after a round-the-town blessing parade is over. From 6pm to 9pm, activities such as “Peace in Life and Blessings of Food” and “Hakka Lion Dance Competition” will be held. From tomorrow (27th) on till Sept. 1, at the Yimin Temple of Xinpu, folk rites such as “setting up light poles,” “blessing theatre,” “presenting, altar-ascending, and lighting up funnel lamps,” and “releasing water lamps” will be held. In Xiashan, “Xiashan Folk Religion Festival (including offering sacrifices to ghosts)” and “Hakka Folk Theatre - Huashan Affections (by National Taiwan College of Performing Arts)” will also take place. All visitors are cordially invited to take part in this series of Yimin events, immersing in Hakka people’s unsophisticated hospitality and their charming culture.

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