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06 09

Colored fishing boats mark start of Taoyuan Marine Hakka Culture Festival

Taoyuan Marine Hakka Culture Festival is selected as one of Taiwan’s main 12 Hakka festivals for the first time. The festival featured Xinwu’s century-old fishing traditions, and reshaped Hakka cultural memory through parent-child experiences. On the press conference held on June 5, Taoyuan City deputy mayor Yu Chien-hua, Taoyuan Department of Hakka Affair director Chiang Chieh-an, Xinwu District magistrate Hsu Tung-chih and legislator Chen Lai Su-mei all attended the event to decorate the fishing boats with Hakka floral cloth balls for a safe voyage of the boats and a great success of the event. Taoyuan Marine Hakka Culture Festival, jointly held by Taoyuan’s Department of Hakka Affairs and Xinwu District Office, launched a series of events from June 10 to 18. A few fishing boats are painted with new graphics full of child-like fun by students of Xinwu, Yongan, Bengang and Dongping Elementary Schools and Xinwu Junior High School, as a way to pass down local Hakka culture. The graphics are inspired by marine Hakka culture and mixed with Xinwu’s old architectural elements. Vice magistrate Yu said that Yongan Fishery Port in Xinwu is the country’s only Hakka fishery port. The early residents here lived a life of farming and fishing and century-old traditions such as horns blowing, net fishing, and stone fish pond-building have been passed down till today. Supported by the city government, Taoyuan Marine Hakka Culture Festival is selected as one of the 12 main Hakka festivals of year 2017. Other than re-presenting these traditions and enhancing people’s cultural identity, the government actively promotes this one-and-only marine Hakka culture so that people may learn more about it. Legislator Chen Lai Su-mei noted that people see Xinwu as a remote township. But previously this year Taoyuan Agriculture Expo was held in Xinwu and now the marine Hakka culture festival is also taking place here. This shall especially make Yongan Fishery Port a popular spot and Chen invited all to visit Yongan. This year’s side events include fishing experiences, arts and cultural exhibitions, and fishery village tours. As soon as registration for the three “mini trips” started online on May 23, the 210 seats were all quickly booked. Registration for the fish pond-building experience may be made onsite on June 10, 11 and 17 at Kato Mili Café. From June 10 to 18, at the fresh fish area of Yongan Fishery Port Market, an exhibition on seaside Hakka culture was held to show the early life of Xinwu’s Hakka residents. You are cordially invited to feel the town’s strong seaside Hakka charm. Source: Department of Hakka Affairs, Taoyuan

04 27

Liudui Festival: grand opening to come soon

This year’s Liudui Festival will begin with a hiking event by Dawu Mountain and close with a sports game ceremony on April 30. On April 27 & 28, a torch relay will be held in Liudui Township. On the afternoon of 28th, the torch will arrive in Wanluan. A round-the-town blessing parade featuring Zhongyonggong (a local deity) of Zhongyi Pavilion, which is Liudui’s main religious center, will be held. Another creative parade, mostly for fun and for promoting the festival, will also take place. On the evening of the same day, renowned children’s theatre – Paper Windmill, will dedicate a show entitled “Story of Liudui” to the public. On 29th and 30th, at Wanluan Elementary School and Wanluan Junior High School in Wanluan Township, sports games such as track and field, ball games, tug of war and swimming, as well as folk sports, will be held. Cheerleaders will be on site, too. There will also be farmers’ and artists’ markets and a Hakka food fair. The local residents, as well as Liudui youths living and working in other cities, are especially welcome to take part. It is hoped that the festival can make Liudui livelier and help to pass down Hakka culture. Activities: 1.Liudui torch relay & Zhongyonggong parade (April 27&28) Date / time: 07:50-16:20, Thursday April 27 Location: Zhutian, Wanluan, Gaoshu, Liugui, Meinong, Jiaxian, Shanlin and Changzhi Date / time: 08:50-16:30, Friday April 28 Location: Changzhi, Linluo, Liudui Hakka Cultural Park, Neipu, Zhutian, Xinpi, Jiadong and Wanluan 2.Liudui Festival – Hakka parade Date / departure time: 14:00, Friday April 28 Parade time: 14:30-15:30 Content: The parade will be hosted by Liudui Township Office and local groups. The performing participants will be dressed in costumes inspired by local culture, parading from Zhujiao Street to Wanluan Junior High School. Come and join this flamboyant event! Location: From downtown Wanluan to Wanluan Junior High School, Pingtung County 3.Liudui Festival – Paper Windmill Theatre Date / time: 19:00-20:30, Friday April 28 Content: Inspired by Liudui’s culture, Paper Windmill Theatre is going to give a show full of charm and creativity! The show is suitable for both adults and kids. You are cordially invited to watch the show and learn about Liudui. You might even fall in love with this place after the show! Location: Wanluan Elementary School

04 25

Liudui to hold 52nd sports game

The 2017 Liudui Festival – 52nd Liudui Sports Game uses the theme of “feisty Liudui” to suggest the early residents’ defense spirit. Hakka Affairs Council Minister Lee Yung-te noted on today’s (24th) press conference that the name “Liudui” is deeply meaningful. 300 years ago, the Hakka people living by Dawu Mountain formed a militia group to defend their homes, and the group was exactly composed of six sub-groups called “dui” in Chinese. In recent years, Liudui’s elders have tried to pass down the early settlers’ spirit by holding sports games. Lee said, just like the much promoted “Provincial Highway 3 Hakka Romance Avenue” plan, in the near future, a renaissance project called “Beautiful Liudui” will also be launched to boost Liudui’s arts, environs and industry developments and to spread Liudui’s culture. The HAC even plans to make Liudui an UN-acknowledged intangible cultural heritage town, so that its spirit may last forever. This year’s Liudui Festival is jointly held by HAC and Pingtung County Government, from April 27 to 30 in Wanluan Township, Pingtung County amid much fanfare. Ahead of the festival’s main event, on April 28, a flamboyant Hakka street parade will take place, and renowned Paper Windmill Theatre will give a show called “Story of Liudui” to warm things up. On 29th and 30th, at Wanluan Junior High School and Wanluan Elementary School, the 52nd Liudui Sports Game will be held, including general sports and folk sports, along with farmers’ and artists’ markets. For the first time, a cheerleading contest will also be held, focusing on team spirit and the members’ vigor. The festival is expected to increase people’s care for and acknowledgement of Liudui’s history and culture.

04 07

Let's watch flowers in Hakka towns

The 2017 Hakka Tung Blossom Festival already started on March 25 and will run until May 14 amid much fanfare, taking the theme of "let's watch Tung blossoms together." The festival also highlights traditional "Bogong worship" which means paying respect to the sky, the Earth, and mountains. This is exactly a core spirit of Hakka culture. A few historic and cultural flower trails have also been selected for holding side events, which include unplugged music concerts, free tea services, and farmers' markets. Visitors can expect to experience the charm of Hakka towns and the hospitality of Hakka people. The festival is held by the Hakka Affairs Council and 13 county and city governments – Keelung, New Taipei City, Taoyuan, Hsinchu City, Hsinchu County, Miaoli, Taichung, Changhua, Nantou, Yunlin, Yilan, Hualien and Taitung. In each county and city, wonderful Tung flower activities will be held to share the vitality of Hakka places in spring time with outside visitors. A leisurely visit to Hakka towns surrounded by nature can be the best thing to do at this time of a year! Respect for the Sky and the Earth: Bogong Worship A Bogong worship ceremony will take place on Saturday April 22, 2017 at the Baliao Historic Trail in Guanxi Township, Hsinchu County. The pious attendants will show their gratitude and respect to the Sky, the Earth and mountains through prayers and dedication of incense, wine, flowers and fruits. Bogong worship is a sacrifice-based Hakka tradition. With faith, the believers pray to the gods of the Earth, mountains and the Sky. This is because in early days Hakka people relied on what nature bestowed to them to make a living. Today, Bogong worship is performed to remind the descendants not to forget about their roots, in addition to thanking nature. Tengping Trail to hold Tung blossom events Spring time has come and Tengping Trail in Ermei Township, Hsinchu County has just been selected to be an important Tung blossom trail for the 2017 Hakka Tung Blossom Festival. From April 29 (Sat.) on, on the weekends during the festival time, at the Shishan Visitor Center, farmers' markets and arts and cultural performances will be held to encourage people to come to appreciate flowers along the trail. The Shishan Scenic Area is located on the border between Hsinchu and Miaoli. "Shishan" means "Lion Mountain" as the major hill here looks like a squatting lion. Tengping Trail is quite natural and it is famous for flourishing Tung blossoms during the flower season. Visitors can also find all kinds of wild plants along this trail – a highly diverse ecology here. A walk along the trail is an immersion experience of nature's beauty. Farmers' markets are held from time to time outside the visitor center by the trail entrance, selling locally produced agricultural products. Hakka flower picnics and DIY games are also held. At several points of the trail, free tea is served, as tea serving is traditional Hakka public service. There will even be Hakka tea sessions in which tea ceremony experts demonstrate the way of tea. Visitors are encouraged to take part and sip some high quality tea. The much anticipated unplugged music concerts are held to spread good Hakka music around, amid blooming wild Tung flowers. Immerse in the beauty of Hakka culture and Tung flowers During the time of the Hakka Tung Blossom Festival, Hakka cultural and arts performances, farmers' markets and creative products fairs will be held alongside Tung flower events. It is expected that in this way, more visitors will come to join the fest, and that the Hakka towns' features, including natural scenery and community culture, can be shown to the public more vividly. The festival is also expected to strengthen ties and foster exchange among Hakka cities and towns, other than drawing crowds of visitors. Eight unplugged Hakka concerts will be held on four differ days. The unique music will be performed on landscape art sites surrounded by nature. All visitors are cordially invited to open up all senses to immerse in dancing flowers and melodious Hakka music under blooming Tung trees. What a romantic flower trip this will be!

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