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In Taiwan's traditional Hakka villages, the “end-of-winter” opera has always been an important event. Every year, as soon as autumn harvests are complete in the 10th lunar month, such an opera would be staged to celebrate the coming of winter. Just like in the spring farmers would pray for rain from the earth and sky gods, alongside the open-air end-of-winter opera, worships are held and sacrifices are dedicated to deities.
The opera is a type of performing art that touts Hakka folk culture and Hakka religion. Traditionally, it is also a major entertainment and social occasion. Listed as one of the 12 Hakka festivities by the Hakka Affairs Council. From October 6 to December 22, 2019, nine Hakka troupes and the Department of Hakka Opera, National Taiwan College of Performing Arts will give performances in nine counties and cities throughout Taiwan, as arranged by the Hakka Affairs Council. You are cordially invited to attend the shows!

  • 2019 End of Winter Hakka Opera
  • 2019 End of Winter Hakka Opera